Introduction to the UK Visas and Immigration:

UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) is basically a division of the Home Office accountable for the visa infrastructure of the UK originated in 2013 from the sector of the UK Border Agency that had been responsible for the UK visa system. The main role that is played by the UK Visa and Immigration organisation is to operate the UK visa system while moderating the application procedure for the people of foreign nationalities who want to immigrate to the UK for the sake of different purposes including attaining higher education, working, advanced medical treatment, business development, general visiting, seeking protection or getting settled in the UK etc. There was an increment of nearly 70% being observed in the population of the UK between the time span of the years 2001 and 2011 on the grounds of foreign-born immigration. While the UK government developed an innovative points-based immigration system in order to deal with the immigrants who did not belong to the European Economic Area (EEA). The major categories that account for the biggest share in the UK immigration include the immigrants coming to the UK with the purpose of studying and working. In order to administer these major sectors previously, there has been a subsection of the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) determined known as ‘Managed Migration’, which specifically deals with the legitimate student and labour immigration by the people who do not belong to the European Union. However, in accordance with the kind of UK visa or permit requirement, the applicants need to apply at either UK embassies, consulates or even directly to the department of UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). Whereas now this managed migration system has been superseded by a new points-based immigration system since April, 2006 that has been used in place of all other schemes like “Work Permit System”, “Highly-Skilled Migrant Programme”.

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    The UK Border Agency has depicted the points-based system comprising of 5 tiers that are described as below:

    • Tier 1 – For highly skilled individuals, who can contribute to growth and productivity
    • Tier 2 – For skilled workers with a job offer, to fill gaps in the United Kingdom workforce
    • Tier 3 – For limited numbers of low-skilled workers needed to fill temporary labour shortages
    • Tier 4 – For students
    • Tier 5 – For temporary workers and young people covered by the Youth Mobility Scheme, who are allowed to work in the United Kingdom for a limited time to satisfy primarily non-economic objectives

    Sections covered under the UK Visas and Immigration:

    There are certainly various sections regarding the UK visa system and UK immigration protocol for which the department of UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has been responsible. They are descriptively mentioned as below.
    If you need a UK visa in 2020?

    In this section, the information regarding your nationality, the purpose of moving to the UK whether temporarily or permanently and the time period for which you want to stay in the UK is usually inquired. After giving the right response to these questions, you would find if you are eligible to apply for the UK visa and the required guidelines regarding the kind of the UK visa you need to apply for according to your circumstances in case of fulfilling the eligibility criteria of being a UK visa holder.

    How to visit the UK in 2020?

    After crossing the first section of UKVI and having fulfilled the eligibility criteria of applying for the UK visa, this section of UKVI deals with the guidelines protocol needed by the applicant. According to it, you may apply online for a UK visa for different purposes including the following ones as mentioned in the official website of the UK government:

    This section also gives information about how to find the right visit visa in accordance with your purpose and the selection of the UK visit visa. There are following various sorts of the UK visit visas intended for the different purposes of visit as described earlier:

    Moreover, you may apply for the certificate of entitlement in order to verify your right of abode in the UK in case of being essentially outside the UK, Channel Islands and Isle of Man. Its further detailed information may also be achieved from the ‘UK Visas and Immigration Operational Guidance’.

    How to work or sponsor a worker in the UK in 2020?

    The UK immigrants, who need to move to the UK with the purpose of working, may get the general as well as initial guidance about working in the UK depending on the specific category of working. You may get the information firstly about the right kind of UK work visa in accordance with your requirements. You may also get basic guidance regarding short-term work visas under the Tier-5 scheme (Charity worker visa, Creative and Sporting visa, Government Authorised Exchange visa, International Agreement visa, International Agreement visa, Religious Worker visa, Seasonal Worker Visa and Youth Mobility Scheme visa) as well as long-term work visas under the tier-2 scheme (General work visa, Health and Care visa, Intra-company transfer visa, Minister of Religion visa, Sportsperson visa). There is also information about investor, talent and business development visas under the tier-1 scheme along with other work visas and exemptions. In addition, you may also attain guidance about the sponsors and sponsorship management system under this section of UKVI.

    How to study or sponsor a student in the UK in 2020?

    This section of UKVI is responsible for providing the adequate information about finding the right study visas and the types of different study visas including Short-term Study visa, General Student visa and Child Student visa in addition to the students’ sponsors and relevant sponsorship management system.

    How to join your UK, EU or EEA family members in the UK in 2020?

    This section of UKVI deals with a diversified variety of family visas needed by the applicants who want to apply for a permit in order to join the family member already residing in the UK. It provides information about finding the right family visa in accordance with your needs and the purpose of acquiring the family visa; including visiting the UK for a holiday or seeing your family member(s) residing there or for marriage purposes. You may also get the relevant information under this section in case of amendments in your circumstances like applying for a new visa in case of getting separated or divorced from the partner or applying for getting settled in the UK in case of partner’s death.

    How to live permanently in the UK or attain the UK citizenship in 2020?

    Under this section, you can get to know whether you qualify for being able to apply for the UK settlement scheme or not along with the selection of right route for getting settled in the UK. It also provides the guidance related to other kinds of settlement schemes including the following:

    • Apply to the EU Settlement Scheme (settled and pre-settled status)
    • Prove you have right of abode in the UK
    • Apply to settle in the UK if your partner dies
    • Settlement: refugee or humanitarian protection
    • Apply to stay in the UK as a stateless person
    • Apply for settlement if you’re a Turkish Worker or Businessperson
    • Apply for a UK residence card
    • Apply for a Returning Resident visa
    • Apply for a derivative residence card

    If you want to apply for British citizenship, you may acquire the concerned information under this section of UKVI that primarily address with the eligibility criteria of the applicant for being able to apply for the UK citizenship as well as the essential requirements that need to be fulfilled while applying for the UK citizenship including verification of your English language knowledge and ‘Life in the UK’ test.

    How to apply for EU settlement scheme in 2020?

    Moreover, there is a separate section in the department of UKVI for the applicants who want to apply for the EU settlement scheme having settled or pre-settles status. This section provides detailed information regarding the eligibility criteria for applying, requirements to be fulfilled in order to apply for the EU settlement scheme, possible outcomes of the application along with potential routes with changing circumstances of the applicant.

    Visas and Immigration Operational Guidance:

    Lastly, a quite significant section of UK visas and Immigration (UKVI) department “Visas and Immigration Operational Guidance” deals with a lot of important areas including Asylum policy, Business and commercial caseworker guidance, Enforcement, Entry clearance guidance, Fees and forms, Immigration rules, Immigration staff guidance, Nationality guidance, Non-compliance with the biometric, registration regulations, Rights and responsibilities, Stateless guidance, Visitors and Windrush caseworker guidance.


    What is UK Visas and Immigration?

    UK Visas and Immigration is a certified department of the Home Office that is responsible for dealing with UK visas system and immigration policy along with management of the UK immigration related applications while keeping in view the national security as well as ensuring the satisfaction of legal applicants.

    What is BRP card?

    It is abbreviated as “Biometric Residence Permit” that depicts an individual’s immigration status in the UK along with their biometric information, biographic details and accessibility to public funds. It is crucial to possess a BRP card in order to verify one’s right to stay, work or study in the UK.

    What is Immigration Health Discharge?

    Certain UK visa holders would be able to have accessibility to the ‘National Health Service’ (NHS) like other UK citizens on the grounds of possessing the ‘Immigration Health Discharge’.

    What is the UK long-term work visa and how can I apply for it?

    UK long-term visas include General work visa, Health and Care visa, Intra-company transfer visa, Minister of Religion visa, Sportsperson visa. It may allow you to work in the UK for more than 6-months period and you may apply for any specific kind of long-term work visa in accordance with your need by getting relevant information from the department of UKVI.